Copper Candy Buttons - Metallics Collection - 14mm - Ethel and Joan


Copper look at these gorgeous buttons! Part of the Metallic Collection by Ethel and Joan, these copper buttons are bang on trend.

The diameter of each button is 14mm and they come in a set of 8. Each button is hand made meaning that every one is unique. They are cast by hand and have flecks of copper metal set inside the translucent resin. 


Ethel and Joan is a female-run business, based in South-East London and makes haberdashery and other resin products. Everything is handmade, and because of that no two items are exactly the same. The products are made of resin which is hard-wearing and long lasting. All off-cuts, scraps and even the waste from drilling the button holes is collected and recycled into the next batch, meaning there is virtually no waste.