Bornella Fabrics will be at The Stitch Festival!

Ok, so I've been holding onto a little secret for the last couple of months and now I can finally blurt it out... I have a stand at The Stitch Festival!! Woo hoooooo!!! (At the end of the blog post is a code for money off your entry ticket.)

A few years ago, when my business was only 8 months old, I went to the Stitch Festival as a punter to have a mooch. I put on my Stories on Instagram that I was at Stitch, only for one of my customers to message me straight back asking if I had a stand there. "What?" I thought. "I'm nowhere near big nor established enough to have a stand." 

So I mooched around for the day, enjoying the show but my customer's question began to percolate in my head... "Why not get a stand? What's stopping you?" So when I got home, I enquired with the festival organisers to see what having a stand would entail. And the short story is money. Too much for my small business at the time BUT now I knew what it would cost and I had something to aim for.

The year came and went. And another Stitch Festival. But I couldn't shift that idea of playing with the big boys in the Stitch playground. So I set myself a target to have a stand in 2024. But like many things, it's not what you know but who. As well as accumulating a lot more fabric and stock over these last two years, I have also accumulated a brilliant network of other small business owners that I could tap up for advice, encouragement and some direction when I'm a bit lacking.

And that direction was the Indie Biz Village at The Stitch Festival. Which is where you'll find me between 21st and 24th March. I'll be there alongside a host of other awesome small businesses, also doing their first show.

In the next 6 weeks I've got a lot of things to sort - hardware, signage, packaging, stock, logistics - to name a few. I've also got my first fabric collection to receive, photograph and launch. But the main thing I'm trying to sort are my outfits for the 4 days. Because... priorities!

Click here to visit The Stitch Festival website and book your ticket. 

You can get £2 off your ticket with the code: BORNELLA

I hope to see you there - please come and say hello! I'll be the one on stand J76 looking equal parts terrified and living the dream. The pipe dream...

If you have an ambition, this is your reminder that if you keep plugging away at it, you'll get there. 

Happy sewing,

Tanya xx

February 06, 2024 — Tanya Brooman