Hi. I’m Tanya.

I’m a sewer, knitter, maker and all-round fabric obsessive. When I’m not sewing, I’m probably thinking about it. I have dabbled in needlework of one kind or other ever since I was a young girl. I come from a family of talented creative women - my Grandma was a dressmaker, one aunt 'knitted' lace, another was trained in embroidery, my Mum is a knitter. But it was only when I took up dressmaking when my children were very little that I felt I'd discovered MY thing.

The last few years have really opened my eyes to sustainability and trying to minimise our impact on the environment. Our children have been the driving force for our family to make better environmental choices – we use our bikes rather than the car, we try to shop in places with little or no plastic packaging, we encourage wildlife to our garden. Lots of little things which add up.


This thinking has filtered down to my attitude to fabric. Sustainable fabrics should be every bit as lovely but have the added benefit of having less of an impact on our environment – whether that is using less pesticides or chemicals to grow the fibres, recycling the chemicals used in the production process, or making sure they biodegrade properly at the end of their life.

Through running Bornella Fabrics, I hope to bring a little bit of sustainable love to the sewing community and hope that if we all make small steps towards sustainability then lots of little things really will add up.

Happy sewing.