My #SewFrugal22 entry - the Vera Top

So I'll ave to first start off with an excuse / apology / grovel. The reveal day for #SewFrugal22 was 31st March and yet, here I am, on the 28th April with my finished garment. Pretty much a month late - and I was a sponsor so I should have been all over this. But you know what it's like, life gets in the way. Between having Covid (and struggling with recovery), school holidays and running a business, time got away from me. But rather than stress about not completing on time, I figured late is better than never. So here we are.


I decided to make the Vera Top by Forget Me Not Patterns. I've not made a garment from this pattern company before. Although I've had my eye on the Adeline wrap dress for ages - the back of that dress is a work of art!


The Vera Top is designed for knit fabrics, with a V-neck, and balloon sleeves. There are two cuff options - a smaller and larger one - or leave off the cuff entirely for a floaty, wide sleeve. It is designed to be fitted across the bust and then mild shaping has it looser over the waist. I cut a straight size 36 based on my measurements and I've found the final garment true to size and a great fit.


The neckline was definitely the most tricky part of the sew - the instructions were really good so I took it slow so I could get a neat finish. The instructions show a way of getting a neat point of the V which I haven't come across before, but worked brilliantly. I'm really pleased with the result. 


I made the Vera top of out a viscose jersey (called Peggy, there's still some left in the shop at the time of writing) which suited the pattern very well. If I have a criticism, it would be that the long cuffs are close-fitting which look great but you can't really roll up your sleeves. It just makes jobs where you need to roll your sleeves up, like washing-up, a bit tricky.

My solution to this problem is to get someone else to do the washing-up. A great top and less chores... win win!

Happy sewing

Tanya xx

April 28, 2022 — Tanya Brooman