We're now stocking Ethel and Joan haberdashery

Ever since I came across Ethel and Joan products I've been absolutely itching to stock them. And I hope you can see why. They bring a smile to my face - and there aren't a lot of buttons I can say that about!


Louise, who runs Ethel and Joan, named her company after her two grandmas and she's everything I love about small businesses - she creates bespoke, hand-crafted products with real passion and care.

Ethel and Joan products are made from resin, which is hard-wearing and long-lasting. Every spare scrap of material is reused - even the resin that is drilled to make buttonholes is collected and incorporated into the next batch, so there's virtually no waste. And the best thing is once your garment reaches the end of its life, you can snip off the buttons and reuse them on your next project.

I hope to be adding to our Ethel and Joan range in the coming months so watch this space...

Happy sewing 

Tanya xx

April 08, 2022 — Tanya Brooman