Seventies vibes meet African Waxprint

The moment I saw the wrap dresses on Week 1 of the Sewing Bee this year I knew I was going to make one. I loved the look of Annie's dress - the flowing ruffle and the waxprint inspiration were gorgeous. I already had the pattern for Fibre Mood Charlotte  (I'm pretty sure it's a free pattern - although it might be only the cropped length version that's free) and decided it was similar enough to Annie's. The sleeves were different but the overall design was almost the same.


I paired it with this lovely viscose challis lawn called "California Palms", available in the shop. It's a mix of Seventies Vibes meets African waxprint.

I should say that this was a real departure style-wise for me - I rarely make anything longer than knee length, I've never owned a wrap dress, and it has more brown on it than I've worn in years. But sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just can't shift it.


I made a straight size 12/40 with no alterations. I think my body is very similar to the Fibre Mood block so I don't often need to alter their patterns. That said, this was not a straightforward make. The construction itself is relatively simple, but the fabric is very lightweight - absolutely brilliant on the finished garment because it drapes and flows so elegantly, but it meant taking things really slow. Plus there was 6 metres of ruffle to contend with.... I don't know how those Sewing Bee contestants do it in 5 hours!! But I got there in the end and the result is better than anticipated! The dress really comes to life when you walk as there is so much movement and floatiness in the fabric and that ruffle, that you feel the belle of the ball. The one thing I'm not so keen on is the neckline facing. For the most part it stays under but occasionally it does pop to the wrong (visible) side. I'm sure a couple of hidden stitches to secure would fix it. 

I decided to lean into the Seventies for the pictures... because why not!!?

On a last minute whim I decided to enter it into #SewingBeeStyle2022, hosted by @sewistandthecity and @anzymillblenk and I only went and won!!! I'm chuffed to bits.

Happy sewing, Tanya xx