Possibly the perfect pair of shorts???

Let's talk trousers. Eeeeeesh. How many of us are instantly put off with the idea of sewing trousers as they're so damn complicated, tricky to fit, and not a straightforward sew?? Well if I'm anything to go by, lots of us! In the past, if it didn't have an elasticated waist, I was skeptical. It's a lot of work to toile and sew, only to find the fit is 'meh' and the result is average at best.


So I've sort of came to the idea that maybe sewing trousers or jeans wasn't a straightforward thing for me. Until I made the Lander Pants/Shorts by True Bias. And now I'm raving!

The first thing I like about these is the button fly. I hate to admit it but I'm scared of zips. They're a pain: I can never seem to source the right size / right colour for a start. When I eventually try to sew them, my invisible zip foot does not like sewing zips! It jams, it sews onto the teeth, it throws a tantrum. (Oh no, wait. That last one is me.) Coming back to the button fly, this is firmly in my comfort zone and I like the look of it. Big tick!

Secondly, I love the pockets. Technically they're a cross between a patch pocket and an inseam pocket. Either way, they're roomy but still flattering. I can comfortably fit keys, phone etc in them without fear of them falling out.

And lastly I love the fit. I have not made a single alteration for these shorts. NOT ONE!! The pattern recommends basting the side seams together during construction so you can try them on and adjust before sewing properly and adding the waistband. Good Lord, I couldn't not believe it when I tried them on and THEY FITTED. 

My one boo boo in the whole making process were the button holes. I made my shorts from a cotton sateen which has a small amount of stretch. Not enough to notice when sewing EXCEPT when sewing buttonholes. I think the fabric possibly stretched when making the buttonholes (as the buttonholes run across the grain, the same way as the stretch) so they look scrappy. But a good steamy press and they were okay. Next time, I will remedy that by interfacing the buttonhole area so it's more robust and less likely to stretch when sewing the buttonhole.

(Oh and I screwed up the first jeans button when whacking it in. Note to self: don't use a mallet - a small hammer works much better!)

So all in all I am absolutely enamoured with my new shorts and I cut out a linen pair the same day... so they MUST be good!

Happy sewing 

Tanya xx

PS. the lemons didn't go to waste - here's why!

June 27, 2022 — Tanya Brooman