There's a reason Anthea is a new cult classic...

I've been admiring the Anthea Blouse by Anna Allen Sewing Patterns for a long time. Since it's release more and more and more Anthea blouses have been popping up on my Instagram feed and people are making it multiple times - the sign of a good pattern is wanting to revisit it!! There's a reason Anthea is a new cult classic... and after making my first blouse I know why.

I think the pattern's success is down to three main things: 

  • it's a quick, simple sew. 
  • the loose fit means that fitting is pretty irrelevant as it'll hide a multitude of fit issues.
  • the instructions are good.

I decided to use the 'Life's Peachy' organic cotton poplin, available from the shop as I knew it would hold the puff sleeve really well. I wanted to make a fruity top to fit in with my #sewfruity22 sponsorship so this was a pattern/fabric match made in heaven.

The construction is pretty basic and I made no alterations. I really love the end result. The one thing I would say is that it FEELS like it's enormous. When I'm wearing the blouse, the very floaty bodice and big sleeves make you feel like you're a bit swamped. BUT the actual look of it looks correct and not big at all. It's just a matter of perception. If you were to make this is in a more drapey fabric, such as viscose, then it wouldn't hold as much volume and feel large.

So all in all, I can see why everyone is raving about the Anthea Blouse... and yes, this will also be the first of many!

Happy sewing, Tanya xx