Magnetic Needle Holder in Purple - Ethel and Joan


A magnetic needle holder and a work of art in one. 

This is such an ingenius little product that will look after your needle and pins (and sanity) so you don't lose them. The needle holder comes in two parts: the back is a plain metal washer and the front is a resin disc with a magnet embedded within the resin. Simply sandwich a piece of cloth between the back and front and you have a portable needle holder which will keep you from dropping your needle and pins. You can choose to use it on your clothing, so you wear the holder yourself. Or put it on your work. Whatever works for you! 

Each needle holder is hand made meaning that each one is unique.  The needle holder is approximately 3.5mm (1 3/8") wide and just under a 5mm (1/4") thick, not including the back. The back washer is 25mm (1") in diameter. They are hand cast using a multiple pour method so that the magnet is embedded within the resin. I've found the magnet to be Goldilocks good - strong enough to pick up and hold the pins but not so strong that you can't get them off again.

NOTE: pins are not included. They're just for demonstration. 



Ethel and Joan is a female-run business, based in South-East London and makes haberdashery and other resin products. Everything is handmade, and because of that no two items are exactly the same. The products are made of resin which is hard-wearing and long lasting. All off-cuts, scraps and even the waste from drilling the button holes is collected and recycled into the next batch, meaning there is virtually no waste.