Mending Plait - Classic


Don't ditch those worn garments, mend them! This classic coloured mending braid is a super way of having all the colours you need but without taking up loads of space, or needing to buy an entire haberdashery worth of thread when you only need a little bit. This classic BOHIN plait has 27 colours so you're bound to find a match, and 270 threads in total. 

The best way to use it??

  • Simply unfold the braid so it lies flat
  • Choose the thread that will work best for your repair
  • With the end of your needle, pick up one thread of your chosen colour from the middle of the braid
  • Pull! The braid will stay intact and your thread will be pulled out. Magic!

BOHIN is a French company founded in 1833, with a long history of manufacturing needles, pins and other haberdashery. They make good quality items designed to last.