Sewing and Embroidery Scissors - Jakarta Stork


Practical AND super cute... yes please! These pretty sewing and embroidery scissors have small, thin and easy-to-handle blades, to allow you to cut threads precisely. The 'Stork' is a classic design, and these are painted in mottled emerald & leaf greens with a touch of earthy brown. They are hot forged and finished by hand by skilled craftsmanship using modern production techniques. These scissors are fantastic quality and would be perfect for your hand sewing, mending and embroidery.

The Jarkarta Stork scissors are 11.5cm in length, making them on the larger side for stork scissors, and the finger holes are 2.2cm long.

BOHIN is a French company founded in 1833, with a long history of manufacturing needles, pins and other haberdashery. They make good quality items designed to last.