Silicone Hemmer - Jenerates by Jen Hogg


Silicone hemmers are a wonder tool - how did we ever do without them!?

The silicone is heat resistant up to 230°c and is flexible so you can use it over a ham when pressing. One side has a straight edge and the other, a slightly curved edge. There are holes at 0.5cm, 1cm, 2cm and 3cm from both straight and curved edges. They allow you to:

  • accurately mark your fabric through the holes with a pen/chalk;
  • act as a guide for hemming;
  • you can pin through the holes without damaging the hemmer;
  • the steam from the iron dissipates through the holes.

The silicone is tough-wearing and long lasting. As the saying goes, "buy well, buy once.


Jenerates is the brain child of Jen Hogg, who you may remember from the Great British Sewing Bee. She reached the semi-final in 2019. Jen designs and produces all her products in Scotland and has sustainability at the heart of her business. All her products are plastic-free and much of her packaging is hand finished.